About us

Freedom, Adventure, independence

Home is where your heart is. Follow your heart with homebound Vintage Vans and take your home on an adventure.

Travel Experiences

At Homebound Vintage Vans we love sports, experiences in nature and these Lucky Islands.

We enjoy every second doing what we like most, being near the sea, the forests and under the stars. It makes us very happy to enjoy a privileged climate throughout the year.

The Homebound Vintage Vans team also has a passion for the Campes Volkswagen T3 and T4 and we believe it is time to share this happiness, feeling of freedom and this movement with others. Being the owner every day of your dreams and experiences

Building Memories

We are more than friends, we are a family .

We want you to live the adventure of discovering with a camper a unique territory, of volcanic origin, the highest peak in Spain, where you can enjoy more than 10 microclimates, forests, beaches, landscapes and idyllic places that will surprise you and make you in love … Here there is no time or stress, in Tenerife you can breathe fresh air, sea salt and much happiness. We want you to enjoy your time without ties, to go wherever you want, to wake up under the stars or on the shores of perfect beaches. 

Travel Experiences

Enjoy the nights by the sea with the sound of the waves as a music relax, waking up at the Atlantic Ocean!

It is true that more and more friends, families and couples decide to live this experience in a T3 or T4 because they want to feel nomadic, free … and it makes us very happy that this feeling of happiness is spread throughout the world, that get to know our Canary Islands as the ideal destination in which everyone is happy throughout the year, where the weather is the perfect ally and nature gives us endless activities and options to enjoy.

With Homebound Vintage Vans begin your unforgettable experiences!

No Distance Is too Far

The Homebound Vintage Vans team will advise you of the ideal places to practice your favorite activity.

We are specialists in sports and natural spaces of the island. We love what we do and we want you to know it!

WE Got You Covered

24 hour customer service

Whenever you need our help we are there for you. If you have any troubles on the road we are only one phone call away!

Fully equiped vans

Our vans come with a fully equiped kitchen, bike rack, solar shower and more. Everything you need for an amazing holiday!

Tips from the locals

The best experience are known by the locals. And we are there to share them with you. Find the most amazing hidden secrets of Tenerife and Fuerteventura!

Exclusive Trip

Make your dreams come true!

Create memories that you will never forget with your holiday with Homebound Vintage Vans on the Canary Islands!